What is Exactly Homecare Assistance?

Homecare Assistance is one aspect of life that is becoming common place. As members of our population grow older the need for assistance in living is increasing. Most seniors would prefer to remain living in their home instead of being placed in a residential or assisted-living facility. By providing them with Homecare Assistance these seniors are able to continue to lead their everyday lives. Caregivers who provide Homecare Assistance help with a variety of non-medical related tasks and daily activities. They can assist with personal hygiene, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship and even medication distribution. Even though they are considered Homecare providers, these caregivers often provide assistance outside the home with fulfilling transportation needs, grocery shopping or accompanying their care recipients on social activities. Choosing to provide your loved one with Homecare Assistance is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Extensive research should be done before deciding on an agency to provide service. Many local senior citizen support groups can provide a list of companies in the area that are capable of meeting your needs for Homecare Assistance. Another good source of information is friends and neighbors who may have personal experiences of their own to share. Once you have decided on a service provider, make sure they meet all necessary State and Federal requirements and if Medicaid is involved then meeting additional requirements are also necessary. A reputable agency will be able to provide you with history about the company, a list of references and documentation certifying their eligibility to provide these services. All employees of the company should have been subjected to an extensive background check prior to their employment and the agency should be able to provide proof of this as well. The most important aspect of Homecare Assistance is that it meets the needs of the family member receiving the care. They are first priority and need to feel comfortable with the individual who is chosen as the caregiver. A pre-employment interview is essential to check compatibility and to review any concerns that may be present. A level of comfort needs to be established between the caregiver and recipient in order for it to be an effective working relationship. It is important to address any concerns that your loved one may have, do not be dismissive to any ideas, suggestions or concerns they may have. All caregivers who provide Homecare Assistance are trained by their employer along with other training they may have received. However, it will be necessary to provide them with an outline of your expectations along with a daily schedule of a typical routine. It will most likely be necessary for you to spend a day with them prior to their working independently so you can address any questions or issues that may arise. Choosing the right individual to provide Homecare Assistance is very important and can be time-consuming but when it is done successfully then the rewards far outweigh the effort and all parties involved can be at peace knowing that everything is in good hands.

Senior Homecare After Surgery: Choosing the Right Homecare Agency

Regardless of age, it simply takes time to recover from surgery. The amount of time, however, increases with age. While your loved one is recovering, you want the peace of mind of knowing she is receiving high-quality care from a licensed senior homecare agency. Whether it’s picking up medications, cooking, or assisting in the bathroom, senior homecare services ensure that your loved one is healthy as soon as possible. If you know in advance that your loved one is going to have surgery, it’s best to setup your senior’s homecare with enough time to give the agency time to perform a needs assessment and make the necessary arrangements. Whether the senior homecare aide needs to pick your loved one up from the hospital or be at the home with the prescribed medications by a certain time, preparation always minimizes the stress that is natural with any surgical procedure. Whether it’s hip surgery, knee surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery, or any other type of surgery, a licensed senior homecare agency will provide reliable care to improve your senior loved one’s quality of life when she needs it most. One study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal even showed that seniors were 43% less likely to pass away in the three months after surgery when they received professional homecare. Regardless of the type of surgery, common post-surgery senior homecare services include customized assistance with: * Personal care, such as bathing and dressing * Medication management, such as reminding the senior to take her medication at specific times * Range-of-motion exercises * Transportation to and from physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, and errands * Grocery shopping, cooking, and feeding * Making sure the home is safe and easy to navigate post-surgery * Changing ice bags or helping with durable medical equipment (DME), such as getting in and out of a wheelchai Senior homecare services are never more critical than post-surgery when your loved one is in her most vulnerable and painful condition. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and hire an agency that is experienced at providing senior homecare for all types of post-surgical procedures. When you interview a senior homecare agency to care for your loved one following a surgery, there are a few key questions you need to ask to make sure they are qualified: * Are they bonded and insured? Do they pay workers’ compensation insurance for their caregivers? * Do they perform criminal background checks on their caregivers? If so, how in-depth is the background check? * How do they hire, train, and review employees? * Do they have specific senior homecare experience following the same surgery as your loved one? * Will they provide you with a comprehensive, written plan of care? * Will they give you detailed references to check?